Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Note To Dad : Cappadocia

(Many years down the road...) 

The little girl stared in awe at the picture that her dad showed her. "Wow...this hot balloon ride looks fun, dad. Can we try it?" 
"We can't right now. Coz this one is in Cappadocia. Very far from Jakarta," her dad said. 
"How far? Can we go tomorrow? Or if this place is too far, how about we took the one in Jakarta?"
"But there's no hot balloon ride in Jakarta. And if there's one, it won't be as beautiful as this one. See...there are many hot balloon like this. But the one in Cappadocia is the most beautiful. Too bad I can't take you there. It's so far and expensive." 
"Oh okay. If you said so." That little girl finally conceded. She knows her dad so well. He's the kind of father who would do everything in his power to fulfill his children's wishes. So she knew if her father said he can't take her, that means he really and truly can't.
 "Let's make a deal then. I'm gonna earn some money to take you there. But you have to keep your good grades." 
"Really? You're gonna take me there someday? And to England, Mekkah and India too?" Little girl asked excitedly.
"Sure. As long as you keep your end of the deal."
"Okay. Deal!" And they sealed that with pinky promise. 

Many years later...
She's in Cappadocia, took that hot balloon ride. Without her dad. 'Hey Dad, can you see this from up there? It is indeed beautiful. Thank you for telling me about this and give me this dream to pursue. Miss you.'


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