Sunday, August 21, 2005


Have you ever felt some kind of emptiness inside
but to those people you must be strong, can't show them that you're weak

Have you ever told someone something that's far from the truth
just to let them know that you're okay
Just to make them stop wondering & questioning you

Have ever said that you're okay but inside you fell messed up
Have you ever seen your face in a mirror, there's a smile there
But inside you feel far from good
Still you need to hide, 'cos they'd never understand

Have you ever had this wish, of being somewhere else
To let go of your disguise & all your worries too
So that you could see things clear

I've had it all and the only thing I wanna do now is being somewhere else Or
that I could close my eyes and
at the time I wake up, all my worries has gone.

How I wish that I could be someone else or that I could turn back time
But deep in my heart
Still I believe there would come a day when I could think about
these times, these days with a smile and laugh about it.

Hope that day would come soon
[i] curhatan orang frustasi[/i]


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